Ancient Fertility Amulet


Ancient Fertility Amulet


Ancient Rome, one of the most fascinating early civilizations whose belief and practices still affect our society today.  It was here that they worshiped their Gods – Jupiter, Juno and Minerva were the names given to the guardians of legendary Rome.  The Romans respected all Gods and even had a peace treaty with them – the “Pax Deorum.”  The agreement was that “due honour” would be paid to the Gods and in return the Gods would assist the Romans by continuing the prosperity of the land and granting success to all the endeavors of it's people.

The Fertility Amulet would have been used by the women of Rome who were seeking to bear children – to invoke the fertility God – Mutunus. The wings probably denoted speed or haste.

Our detailed reproduction is slightly smaller than the original piece.

Side note ~ just for fun: When we first received the original antiquity, one of the girls at the office was playing with it absently as she was talking on the phone to a customer. Within 48 hours she had received the most beautiful flower arrangement from a man she had not seen or heard from in a couple of years. That was followed very quickly by a telephone call…

Needless to say, we now all handle both the original and the reproductions with great care and respect!
Photos of the original piece is below.

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Product Description

° Made in the USA from Sterling Silver

° Approximately ?” in diameter

° Also available in gold.  Please call for price.

The original Ancient Fertility Amulet dates back no later than 100AD. It is 1″ in length with a 1 1/4″ wing span
and is bronze cast.  Magickal Needs is in possession of both the original piece and the lab report.