Talisman of Illumination


A metaphor for joy and prosperity, for hope, for life itself,

Talisman of Illumination


A metaphor for joy and prosperity, for hope, for life itself, lamps have illuminated the path of civilization for centuries; they have guided great thoughts through the night and stood vigil with lonely passions. In the presence of this simple object, we are in touch directly with a vanished world, with the people once warmed by its glow. Today it remains as an enduring symbol of man's desire to conquer the darkness.

This beautiful ancient reproduction, is truly one of our finest pieces. It is hand carved with the exact same detail as the original. This magnificent piece is a true miniature of it's master. To hold this piece is to journey back in time and become one with the past. This is one of our finest examples of the outstanding quality, craftsmanship and excellence which exudes from every one of our pieces.

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Product Description

° Made in the USA from Sterling Silver

° Approximately ?” in diameter

° Also available in gold.  Please call for price.

*Chain is NOT included
Magickal Needs is in possession of both the original piece and the lab report.