The Dark Mark


The Dark Mark


Inspired by the Harry Potter series, our design is similar to the “Dark Mark” of “He Who Must Not Be Named.” In our “Muggle” world the symbolic meaning of the skull and snake deals with the human need to see beyond death and then surrender to life. The Skull is a representation of the Impermanence of Life, Transition, and Freedom from worldly burdens.

The skull represents the faint shadows that our physical being leaves behind upon our passing. The Snake is a symbol of Power, Resurrection, and Rebirth also Renewal and Transition-the shedding of the serpent’s skin symbolizes man’s ability to change and overcome adversity. The purpose of the snake and skull symbolism is to bring understanding to this impermanence; increase your ability to overcome this; and ultimately bring you Spiritual Ascension and allow you to overcome this conflict by seeing through Illusion.

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Product Description

° Made in the USA from Excelsior Pewter (nickel & lead free)

° Comes with a 34″ cord, pewter bead and booklet

° Measures approximately 1″ in diameter

° This pendant is double-sided


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Pewter Snake Dark Mark

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