The Compass of Fortune


The Compass of Fortune


The Compass of Fortunes is a Magical Amulet designed to help maintain the direction in one’s life. The compass aligns with Life Energies to help the user be aware of all opportunities and potential pitfalls. Each of the compass points indicates the power of these energies and helps the user navigate through life’s situations.

The compass direction shown in the neck cord’s opening indicates the properties of the energy flowing at this time.  Use this device as a tool for avoiding mistakes and for help in identifying opportunities (fortunes) hidden in your own life’s adventures.

North-Water and Winter- Traveling north to the winter lands is a metaphor to being more independent, objective, and, at peace; favorable for privacy and regeneration. North also represents the moving power of water, its fluid energy can find a way through or around most obstacles; slow, steady perseverance. The cleansing power of understand will help wash away debris blocking the best view of the situation; only then will actions succeed.

NorthEast-Mountain, transitioning from Winter to Spring- a clearer vista of directions one can take in life. The transformation from winter into spring around the hard and sharp mountainous exterior is an allegory to the energy that pertains to this time.  Clean, sharp, and piercing this energy moves forward into new situations and bringing with it the essential elements for new opportunities. Now is the time for transformation. You will succeed in your ambitions if you are consistently aware of your actions.

East- Thunder, and Spring-Traveling east we find the thunderstorms of spring that bring new growth. The jolt that startles one from a close thunder crack is a representation of an unexpected situation. Dangers and disasters come and go; all events are transient.  Like the discharge of thunder, release your tensions. This will allow clarity and inner strength. East is the direction of spring’s hope, new growth, opportunity and good fortune. This is an auspicious time for being ambitious, confident, and enthusiastic about starting a new job, business or realizes ones dreams.

SouthEast-Wind and late Spring/Early Summer- Traveling in the direction of south east we find the gentle persistent winds of late spring; an ideal time for going on a road trip, vacation or long awaited sabbatical. The warming winds of the later spring blow seeds, allowing them to reproduce. The wind born seeds represent creative ideas and influences: This can take many forms such as writing, talking, and artistic expressions. This influence will create success through small change. However if one is not mindful, the forceful energy of persuasion will push a person or opportunity away.  Along with representing creative ideas, the seed-born wind is an allegory to beginning new relationships and this is an ideal time for starting a romance or getting married.

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Product Description

South-Fire, Summer-being expressive, emotional, and passionate, be motivated, see new things and build up an active social life. This is the perfect time to be noticed. Fires duel nature, from warm light into raging flames, can quickly change our pleasant summer mood. Neither good nor bad times should allow us to lose our own equilibrium; instead, we maintain our balance by adhering to our inner truths and moral codes like a fire clings to wood.

SouthWest-Earth, late summer/early fall- summer is changing to fall; a road of giving to others and thinking beyond our own needs.  The energy here is nurturing and helpful; the time of deeper connections and strengthening relationships.  However, this energy can turn into to feelings like jealousy, indecision, and insecurity if we lose balance. Earth Energy is the essence of the nurturing principle. Like the abundance of air, water, food, and resources that we have around us, earth is the energy of giving without thought of benefiting itself.  The SW direction also leads to the path of forgiveness. Late summer energy helps consolidate and improve the situation we find ourselves in and can help focus us to be more practical and careful. The road of late summer is a time of action through conformity within the situation. If we concentrate on improving the quality of our own life, as well as those around us, we invite good fortune for all.

West-Lakes, Autumn- The Lake is an allegory for the mouth, constant in its soft way of making sound that moves us to relaxation and joyful feelings. This is a good direction for communicating our deepest thoughts. Speaking from our heart enables us to communicate with others without misunderstanding; talk produces harmony, speaking softly and sympathetically makes us heard and heeded. Autumn energy has another side and words unchecked can cut and destroy what could be favorable results. This not only can easily result in loss of motivation but also creates alienation from others. Autumn is the time of harvest; reaping the rewards of all our actions, and is a favorable direction to reflect on our conduct and accomplishments.

NorthWest-Heaven, Early Winter-The NW energy carries the power of wisdom. The aspect of Heaven energy helps us achieve high levels of self-discipline and self-control. This is a time to put greater value on our dignity and refine our self-respect. North West is also the direction of early winter, symbolizing the time of anticipation, when harvested crops are prepared so they last over the challenge of winter. Early winter energy is useful for planning and becoming better organized, enabling us to take a long-term view on life and working methodically towards long term goals.

° Made in the USA from Excelsior Pewter (nickel & lead free)

° Comes with a 34″ cord, pewter bead and booklet

° Measures approximately 1 1/4″ in diameter

° This pendant is double-sided