Sterling Silver Celtic Water Ring of Inspiration

Sterling Silver Celtic Water Ring of Inspiration

This Celtic design; The Ring Of Inspiration, is inspired by Life Giving Water: one of the four elements of the ancient world-along with Fire, Air, and Earth.  The endless, gateless, nature of the Celtic knot provides Spiritual Protection against all Evil.

Our Water Ring symbolizes:  Fluidity; Yielding and Accepting yet Unstoppable, Life-giving and Healing, Unrestrainable, Life Giving, and Freedom.

This ring also symbolizes the “overflowing cup of Divine Communication,” Creativity and Self -Expression. It helps Bring Inspiration to Writers, Poets, Song Writers, Teachers and Public Speakers.
“The circle is a symbol of the wheel of life, of endings and beginnings, of life and spirit, it’s a connection with the infinite which brings all things together and holds them fast.”
Also available in 14K  gold. Please contact us for pricing.

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Product Description

° Made in the USA

° Sterling Silver (925)

° This ring measures 1/2″ at it’s widest point