Sterling Silver Dragonfly Ring


Dragonfly totem are often free-spirited and self-determined folks.
Sterling Silver Dragonfly Ring

Sterling Silver Dragonfly Ring


Soaring above the Life Giving Water, the Free Spirited Dragonfly alights upon the Lotus flower.

Water symbolizes Love, Friendship, Mystery, Psychic Abilities, Healing , Dreams and Sleep. The Lotus is a Symbol of Purity, Resurrection, and Enlightenment.

The Sparkling Dragonfly lives in both worlds: beginning their life in the water, they go through a miraculous metamorphosis to adapt to life in the air. This Transformation from nymph to Winged Jewel symbolized our Life journey of Self-Discovery.

Those with a Dragonfly totem are often free-spirited and self-determined folks.

The Dragonfly’s power to reflect and refract light and color is a source of Magic and Mysticism. Through the ages, people have sought wisdom and healing energy from these colorful ‘Beings of Light.’ Invite the Dragonfly into your heart and watch your Creativity Soar as the Beauty of Light creates Magic in your life.
Also available in 14K  gold. Please contact us for pricing.


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Product Description

° Made in the USA

° Sterling Silver (925)

° This ring measures 1/2″ at it’s widest point


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