Tracy Queen, V1


Tracy Queen, V1


Tracy Queen, V1 introduces readers to badass, queer love warrior, Tracy Queen. When we meet her, Tracy’s just been dumped. Guys never stick around when they find out about her grandfather’s crime syndicate. In the middle of her self-pity party, a drug-addled talking raccoon breaks into Tracy’s domain. Soon, he’s moved in with our lonely, heartbroken hero.

Soon, Nikola (that’s the raccoon) introduces the sheltered Tracy to new ideas, like getting away from her grandfather’s stifling control. And like getting herself off, instead of waiting for someone to do it for her. Inspired by the freedom she finds in self-pleasure and disgusted by her grandfather’s “business” tactics, Tracy strikes out on her own.

But then Tracy drains her bank account on “intimate devices.” Whoops! Without money or job prospects, she decides to try adult webcamming…and realizes that she loves it. Not just the erotic stuff, either! She enjoys educating her viewers about biology, psychology, and destigmatizing pleasure—not to mention being herself on camera. Soon, she’s making a tidy living online and feeling more empowered than ever. But will her repressive, violent past let her live her new life in peace? Probably not…

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Product Description


° 60 pages

° 5 chapter-title

° Full-page illustrations

° 10 guest art spotlights

° Written by Lynsey G

° Illustrated by Jayel Draco

° Lettered by Cardinal Rae

° Cover by stevieraedrawn