Children of Gaia: Trinkets (Digital Comic)


Children of Gaia: Trinkets (Digital Comic)


In the wake of the Great Nations’ demise, marauding Terran armies spread throughout Rendaraia, driven to conquest by the demands of their politically divided home. “Children of Gaia: Trinkets” takes us to a far-off region known as Sylvanakaia, where the people can feel desperation rising—the ripple-out effect of a distant war.

Intertribal conflict is a time-honored tradition that has kept Sylvvanakaia in harmonious balance for generations. But now, that balance is threatened. As trade with the outside world dwindles, belts tighten and fear rises. The region’s growing desolation adds blood to these customary skirmishes as they shift from harassment, to outright violence.
The children of the Keetsunekesh of Sylvanakaia know nothing of the war that rages far beyond their lands, its causes—only the desperation it spreads. For these kits, simply coming to grips with themselves, and getting along with one another, is enough of a challenge.

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Product Description

° Automatic Download

° 8 pages

° Full Color

° Written by Lynsey G

° Illustrated by Eldkrind

° Lettered by Cardinal Rae