Celtic Ring of Spiritual Growth


Sterling Silver Celtic Ring of Spiritual Growth
he spiral was a sacred symbol

Celtic Ring of Spiritual Growth


The pre-Christian world of the Celts was an animate and ensouled universe. They viewed life as a continuous cycle of birth-death-rebirth, for they understood that everything moved in a spiral, from the growth of a snail’s shell to the whirling galaxies above. The natural direction of Life is that of the spiral, a balanced, continuous movement winding inward toward the universal center.”

The spiral was a sacred symbol to all primitive peoples. It demonstrates the Eternal Rhythm of Life of which we are all a part. Our ring, designed by artist Chris Bennett, was inspired by an ancient pre-christian design that he attributed to the Tuatha Dé Danann (Pronounced: Too-a-ha-dae Donnan-who, it is said, became the fairies of Ireland.) His design symbolizes the intertwining of the dual energies of the universe: Male & Female, Yin & Yang, Positive & Negative, Light & Dark, etc. These energies, attracted by the opposite nature of their “soul mates,” spiral toward each other in an Eternal Dance. To the Celtic peoples the Spiral stood as a symbol of Spiritual Growth and Eternal Life.
Also available in 14K gold. Please contact us for price.

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° Made in the USA

° Sterling Silver (925)

° This ring measures 3/8″ at it’s widest point


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Sterling Silver Celtic Ring of Spiritual Growth

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