Birthstone Heart Pendants (More Colours Available)


Birthstone Heart Pendants (More Colours Available)


Beautiful heart shaped pewter with a delicate flower designed.  In the center hangs a stunning gemstone cut crystal. 
January’s Heart
— color of Garnet–  is said to merge flowing energy and affirms love.

February’s Heart — color of Amethyst — is said to promote healing, energy flow and vitality while encouraging healing

March’s Heart — color of Aquamarine — is said to provide calm clarifying coolness. It is the feminine dominant.

April’s Heart — color of Diamond –is said to magnify and transform energy. Strength and power of will are enhanced.

May’s Heart — color of Emerald — is said to stabilize energy and raise awareness of the future. It is also said to end evil spirits.

June’s Heart — color of Alexandrite — is said to heal and promote good luck, multiply intuition and mirror the soul.

July’s Heart — color of Ruby — is said to promote courage and invigorate the heart bringing passion and aid in attaining your desires.

August’s Heart — color of Peridot — is said to aid and promote good health psychic abilities and symbolizes beauty and lightness.

September’s Heart — color of Sapphire — is said to ground contradictory energy calms the mind and aids the spirit.

October’s Heart — color of Rose Quartz — is said to promote and heal the heart. love and energy.

November’s Heart — color of Topaz — is said to promote the acceptance and understanding of cosmic realization.

December’s Heart — color of Blue Zircon — is said to strengthen your channeling and receptiveness and promotes good luck.

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Product Description

° Made in the USA from Excelsior Pewter (nickel & lead free)

° Comes with a 34″ cord, pewter bead and booklet

° Actual Size 1 1/8″ h x 1″ w

° This pendant is double-sided

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April – Diamond, August – Peridot, December – Blue Zircon, February – Amethyst, January – Garnet, July – Ruby, June – Alexandrite, March – Aquamarine, May – Emerald, November – Topaz, October – Rose Quartz, September – Sapphire